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Jul 29, 2019

In our one hundred and first episode we discuss demos and shareware from the 90s!  Through CD-ROMs and lengthy downloads, we share our favorite freebies.

What we've been playing (0:01:02)

- Super Mario Maker 2

- GTA Online 

- Katana Zero

- Dan's making that paper

- Super Mutant Alien Assault

Main Topic (0:24:55)

- 90s...

Jul 22, 2019

In our one hundredth episode we discuss our most exciting moments in gaming history and of course, celebrate!

What we've been playing (0:01:20)

- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

- The Binding of Isaac

- Dan updated Fallout 76

- The Messenger: Picnic Panic

Main Topic (0:35:36)

- Most exciting moments in gaming history!


Jul 15, 2019

In our ninety ninth episode we discuss the biggest disappointments in gaming history! We offer our opinions on the biggest let downs we’ve experienced over the years.

What we've been playing (0:01:06)

- Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble

- Fallout 76

- Dr. Mario World

Main Topic (0:34:00)

- Biggest disappointments in...

Jul 8, 2019

In our ninety eighth episode we discuss Super Mario Maker 2! We offer our hands on impressions as well as some of the best user created courses we've seen so far. 

What we've been playing (0:0:58)

- Katana Zero

- Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Main Topic (0:10:53)

- Super Mario Maker 2

News Bytes (0:47:01)

Shooter Roundup...

Jul 1, 2019

In our ninety seventh episode we discuss Simulation games! From doctors to airplanes, bums to showering with your dad - We go through our favorites sims as well as some of the totally bizarre.

What we've been playing (0:01:08)

- Aegis Defenders

- Mario Party

- Dota Underlords

- Mutant Football League

- Borderlands...